Check Out Custom Coil Winding and More before Your Next Order

Wire or Coil winding refers to approaches through which electromagnetic coils are produced and assembled. Custom coil winding assembly is utilized as circuit ingredients/components as well as creating magnetic fields which are required for operating generators and motors. Other applications include circuits, actuators, solenoids, etc.

What is winding?

The conductor or wire, which consists of a coil, is referred to as winding. Every wire loop is known as a turn. In the windings where turns touch, a wire is insulated with nonconductive insulation coating like enamel or plastic which prevents the passing of current in-between wire turns.

Copper coil bending or coiling services are ideally suited for every RF (radio frequency) application. Copper coiling also transmits air, liquid, or some other media for cooling different type of equipment easily. If appropriately applied, winding cooper coil functions conductively as well as simultaneously as the cooling coil.

Customized wire winding proficiency

Whenever customization of a coil is involved, companies can provide items with a smaller dimension than that of traditional ones. Advanced and proven technologies aid in creating tight tolerances, tight radii, non-standard winds, precise pitches, overall lengths, any range diameter, etc. Irrespective of how many turns a custom coil requires, modern technology has made it possible for all.

Also, the organization offer winding capabilities that include non-standard and odd shapes, along with numerous unique characteristics. Professionals work with coil gauges which range from 2-42 which assists in manufacture any custom winding design.

Customization offers various winding materials

When it comes to customizing a coil winding expert work with both coil types flat as well as round. Also, they possess a massive range of specialty as well as standard gauges that help in meeting all requirements. The various options which are available for people from such companies which offer Custom coil winding services include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Cooper
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Speciality materials

Options for current frequency for customized winding and bending

Coils which are used for bending and winding applications are generally classified by current frequency design with which these will operate. Hence, such frequencies consist of:

  1. DC (direct current) electromagnets or coils operate using stable DC in its windings.
  2. RF or radio frequency coils, transformers or inductors function with currents of alternative nature in radio frequency which ranges above the 20kHz.
  • AF or audio frequency coils’ transformers or inductors operate with an alternating current in AF range, which is often less than 20kHz.

Numerous companies manufacturing expertise aids them to offer custom winding which will exceed industry standards when it comes to materials and design. Also, in-house fixing ability as well as strategic partnerships with various raw materials business, these days, organizations can manufacture precision work when it comes to customized winding depending on the specifications a customer provides.

Now that you are aware of what winding is along with the proficiency of customized work along with materials and more, you now know what to check and what to ask for when ordering for custom coil winding. All you require now is to just keep all these in mind when ordering for a customized item for ideal results.